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Jim and Butterfly - Forever young, God rest their souls

Past, Present, and Future

The Past: As many of you know, Jim passed away in 2015. Marjorie (Butterfly) passed away in 2021 with family nearby. Since 2020, the shop activities have been managed by the family with help from some old friends. COVID was tough on all of us, but Gemstar is not going anywhere.

The Present: Here we are today - So, what's going on? How are all of you? As of right now, the business and estate are limited during the probate period. The business is being managed by Jim's brother and nephew at this time. We are "keeping the lights on", but it complicates things to open the shop right now. So, we're "under construction" until all of the legal goings-on have concluded. If you need to contact us, please leave a message on the phone or via facebook messenger. We are reading them, and will try to reply in a timely manner. In the meantime, we are looking for a better way to sell online without overstepping the bounds of the probate. Please be patient; we promise, it will be worth the wait.

The Future: Jim used to say "only the best", and we believe in that mantra. In that spirit, we are in the middle of a web site re-vamp, sorting out finances, the business identity, structure, and ownership, and making sure the shop is safe and openable. We plan on fully opening soon (please don't ask when; a lot of this is dependent on the probate court which could take nine months). It will re-open when we can honor the promise of "only the best". We appreciate your patience in the meantime. The business philosophy, service, and quality will remain unchanged when we re-open. We sincerely believe that Jim's "old ways" which built the customer base are the right way.

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Gemstar Gemstone sign at the New Hampshire shop in Enfield

Please Note:

All materials viewed on this site may not be available due to prior sale. Gemstar Gemstone prides itself in a diverse inventory at very reasonable prices. While some common materials may always be in inventory, unique items may not always be available.

Color rendition will vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. Ideally, the customer should view all items "in-person" to assure total satisfaction. The customer should note that differences in color hues can be affected by both the monitor on which the item is viewed and also by variance due to nature.

Technical information provided on this site comes from the book "Gemstones of the World" 3rd Edition, by Walter Schumann. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in minerals and gemstones. Copies are available from Gemstar Gemstone Company.