Jim Bohne

James Allen Bohne - April 24, 1949 to December 28, 2015

Jim Bohne, the founder of Gemstar Gemstone Company went to be with his Savior, Jesus Christ on December 28, 2015 after a brief illness. Jim's passing was sudden leaving his family and friends stunned.

For Jim, the love of rocks and minerals began early in his life. His passion became reality when he started the Gemstar Gemstone Company in 1978. Hard work, an expert understanding of minerals and gemstones and a great eye for his customer's needs propelled Gemstar into a very successful business. Repeat clientele, old friends who have been coming to Gemstar since its start still find visits interesting and exciting. There's nothing like the experience of roaming through Gemstar Gemstone.

At Gemstar, Jim was “The Keeper of the Crystals” and provided unique mineral findings and jewelry supplies for his many clients until his passing. Gemstar's diverse selection always included rare and hard-to-find mineral specimens and unique and interesting jewelry-making supplies. Jim was known to encourage those around him with the statement, “It’s a good life, enjoy.” Jim followed his wise advice and enjoyed life as well as celebrating the lives of the people surrounding him.

Jim's relationships with worldwide sources provided his customers only the best. His word was his commitment. His honesty and integrity was rewarded by his suppliers who always gave "Jimmy Gemstar" newly-released, high-quality products for his customers.

Jim's generousity was well-known. He loved people and he helped wherever and whenever he could. Jim had a quick wit and marvelous ability to debate and teach. Conversations with him were both interesting and insightful.

Jim's wife of 45 years, Marjorie (also known to friends and family as "Butterfly") now runs Gemstar. Butterfly continues to provide the same quality of service and selection. While Jim may not be present, his presence continues to be felt by his family, friends and customers as they marvel at the business he created from nothing and grew it into one of the most unique shops in New England.