Bead Strings

Bead Strings

Miscellaneous Strings

Miscellaneous Strings

Large & Small Shapes

Large and Small Shapes


Fresh Water Pearls

Shapes include Briolettes, Carved Stone, Chicklets, Chips, Crow, Cubes, Cylinders, Facteted, Fetish, Furnace, Heishi, Lampwork, Nuggets, Rice, Rondelles, Rounds, Seed, & Teardrops. Unique shapes are always being made by the suppliers for Gemstar Gemstone.

Bead sizes are always given in MM. One MM is about 1/32" in size. For a general reference of sizes, an American nickle is about 2MM thick.

Round beads can come in 2MM, 3MM, 4MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 16MM, 18MM and 20MM sizes, although larger sizes can sometimes be available.

Rondell sizes are given in the diameter of the bead, not the thickness.

Many shapes and sizes of gemstome and glass beads are available from Gemstar Gemstone. Please call the shop during normal business hours at 603-632-7115 for your specific needs and to find out what's available at the time of your call. Please remember that Gemstar Gemstone offers a wide variety, but due to availablity a specific size or shape may not be immediately available. New inventory is added weekly.

Gemstar Gemstone has millions of pearl, mineral, crystal, and glass beads.